Monthly Archives: February 2018

The 10-Step Structure for Sales Pages That Sell

Sales pages take many different forms, but share the same basic structure: Headline Sub Headline Presentation of the problem Introduction of your product as the solution Social Proof Bonuses Offer Guarantee Call to Action P.S. Creating Killer Headlines Your headline is the first opportunity gaining your customer’s interest by making an emotional appeal to whatever problem they are trying to solve. Headlines should be clear and easy to understand, should… Read Article →

Free Marketing: Other Social Media Sites

The easiest type of free marketing is social media marketing. This has taken on increased importance in the wake of the Panda and Penguin upgrades to the Google search engine algorithm. Google now gives more weight to websites that have the most social approval signals, ranking them higher. Like Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing can take a while to gain traction because it takes time to build a following… Read Article →

A Business Plan

Well, most people, I think, when they talk about a business plan are thinking this big, huge document that’s 50 pages long and includes charts and graphs and all of this stuff. But I’ve actually found that it’s much easier to think about a business plan, when you have a small business, as sort of setting the goals for your business. It’s a way to think about the future of… Read Article →